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ENTH is a small company.
We process small batches of buttons, accessories and components at a time.
We usually don't have products ready to ship, but we produce both controllers and buttons from orders received.

Processing times for KRMs are 15-45 days + shipping times

Processing times for an Atlas can vary between 20 days and 60 days.

For accessories the processing times are 15 days.

These times are indicative, they may vary, we can ship even earlier.

WE USE DHL AS AN EXPRESS COURIER, once shipped, the package will take between 3 and 5 days to be delivered.


Warranty and returns:

We do our best to satisfy our customers, and they are usually satisfied beyond their expectations. If a problem arises with a product or shipment, write to us, we will find a solution together.


Distribution and commercial partners:

If you love our products and want to become our partners, write us a message. We can give you access to the price list for wholesalers.



1. What is Atlas?

The Atlas is our latest generation controller, developed after 3 years of research. Combines 3D printing, plexiglass and wood to offer a unique gaming experience.

2. What are the main features of the Atlas?

  • Design: Attractive, linear and ergonomic.

  • Support surface: Wide for hands and wrists, ideal for extended gaming sessions.

  • Dimensions: 37x26 cm (14.5x10.2 inches).

  • Structural rigidity: High, thanks to the monobloc frame and the two upper 4mm plexiglass panels.

  • Performance: Superior in terms of tactility and reduced input lag (fully built version with Brook P5Plus cards).

  • Style: Elegant, minimalist and industrial.

  • Components: Stainless steel or galvanized screws, visible custom wiring, with 90% of the components designed and made by us.

3. What purchasing options are available?

  • Case Only - Black Frame Clear Panels / Frosty Frame Clear Panels:

    • 3D printed monobloc body with 2 plexi top panels.

    • Transparent plexi bottom with foam pads.

    • Complete wiring, switches, USB-B port, 12mm buttons included.

    • Compatible with most buttons on the market.

    • Arcade stick version with extra layers for Japanese and Korean sticks (up to 43mm in height).

  • Fully Built - Brook PS5 - Custom Frame Color on Demand:

    • 3D printed monobloc body (PLA 850) with 2 plexi top panels.

    • KRM (30 and 24mm) for stickless layouts, with clicky or linear options.

    • KRM + Sanwa JLX for arcade sticks.


    • Compatibility: PS5 (fighting games only), PS4/3, PS Classic, Xbox Series X/S, One, 360, Original, PC, Switch.

    • Very low latency (less than 0.5ms).

    • Arcade stick version with extra layers for Japanese and Korean sticks (up to 46mm in height).

    • Customizable body color specified during checkout.

  • Case Only - Custom Color Frame Clear Panels:

    • Customization of the frame color by paying extra.

    • Includes everything included in the Black Frame and Frosty Frame options.

    • Specify the desired layout in the options menu.

4. Can I purchase extra panels?

Yes, the structure of the Atlas is modular and the layout panels can be changed while maintaining the same frame. You can add extra layouts to your cart from the drop-down menu by specifying the desired layout in the order note.

5. What are the dimensions and weight of the Atlas?

  • Weight: About 2.5kg.

  • Dimensions: 37x26x5cm (height including foam pads).

6. How does compatibility with third-party components work?

  • Standard internal space: 34/39mm (1.33/1.53 inches), expandable with extra layers up to 43/48mm (1.7/1.9 inches).

  • Leverless controllers: Enough space to wire low profile buttons. For classic buttons such as Sanwa, Seimitsu, Crown, an extra layer of 4mm or fastons bent at 90° is required.

  • Arcade sticks: Included 2 extra panels of 4mm and 6mm for correct placement of the levers.

7. What are the processing and shipping times?

Processing times are 1-2 months, to which shipping times are added.

8. How can I customize the layout and color of the Atlas?

During checkout, add a note with your desired layout and customization. If you have any questions, please contact us before or after your purchase for assistance.

9. Can I request custom layouts?

Yes, make sure you have rights to custom layouts. Contact us for more details.

10. Where can I see examples of custom colors already produced?

Visit our Twitter or Instagram feed to see custom-colored controllers already produced.


1. What are KRMs?

KRMs are mechanical buttons designed for the most demanding players. They offer high-level reaction times and fluidity, thanks to an industrial and attractive design.

2. When were KRMs developed?

The KRMs are the result of an intensive development process that saw the light in May 2022.

3. What are the main features of KRMs?

  • Mechanical switches: Based on MX style switches, specifically KAILH Speed Silver and KAILH Speed Bronze with 1mm pre-travel.

  • Game Experience: The KAILH Silver offers responsive fluidity, while the KAILH Bronze offers refined sonic tactility.

  • Pressing the buttons: Pleasant thanks to the o-rings that make the end stop soft and comfortable.

  • Premium Construction: Greater quantity of material compared to industrial buttons, reduction of resonances and construction solidity.

4. How are KRMs built?

  • Structure: Divided into three parts: main body, PCB designed by us and button cover.

  • PCB: Soldered to the switch pins to maximize construction stability.

  • Materials: Body molded in nylon powder with excellent structural and mechanical characteristics.

  • Artisanal production: With addition of silencer o-rings starting from November 2023.

    5. What are the shipping options?

    • Method: Express courier.

    • Processing times: 10-45 days.

    • Delivery time: 2-5 days.

    6. What are the dimensions and weight of the KRMs?

    • Total thickness: 3.3cm.

    • Submerged thickness: 2.5cm.

    • Thread Outer Diameter: 29.5mm.

    • Weight: 14 grams.

    • Maximum mounting thickness: 1cm.

    • Welding and assembly: Handmade.

    7. Who are KRMs recommended for?

    KRM are dedicated to our supporters and lovers of fighting games. They are considered among the best buttons on the market.