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ENTH, who we are:

Enth was born at the end of 2019, in Italy, in Perugia, in the green heart of the Umbria region.
Our aim is to create controllers and arcade components that are objects of true design, beautiful to look at, high-performance and pleasant to use.
During the first years of activity we worked a lot on the development of components.
To date, our controllers and buttons, the Krm, are widely known and appreciated.
We gave our all for 4 years straight, without a day's break, to build ENTH's stylistic and design identity. We have followed the path of uniqueness and stylistic recognisability.


Enth is above all research and development. We love designing, developing models, refining, improving what we have already produced, to provide our customers with the most up-to-date controllers.
We don't produce controllers to make money, we produce controllers because we enjoy doing it (in this market sector you don't get rich).



Enth is a very small company, made up of 2-3 people who do all the work, from design, to production, to assembly, to shipping.

In our own small way we handcrafted our wooden controllers, as true craftsmen, and we were among the first to develop monobloc controllers entirely printed in 3D and to bring 3D printing with MJF technology to the world of arcade components.

Nothing in Enth looks like big industry. We work in a tiny studio full of art hanging on the walls, we spend our days assembling and drawing.
We don't hide that we like our products, we love photographing them one by one because we think that each of our controllers is truly unique.



We draw, we are also good at it, but we have taken the path of visual simplicity. 

Getting good results with minimal products is much more difficult than it seems. 

We have a strong graphic and logo design background. We try to produce controllers as you would a logo, respecting the principles of solidity, legibility, recognizability (and ergonomics).

Let's think simply, we try to obtain the greatest comfort in relation to functionality.