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The atlas is the synthesis of years of work. Mixes 3D printing and plexiglass in a single piece.
The housing for the fighting board is integrated into the body, making the structure harmonious and linear. The monobloc external frame guarantees rigidity and perfect flatness to the structure. The generous dimensions and the foam pads on the base of the lower cover make it suitable for use by placing it on the lap. The design is a synthetic design: the plates, breakouts and switches are integrated into the one-piece frame. It is a controller that is easy to assemble, easy to modify and integrate, also thanks to the modular structure that allows you to change the upper panels to try new layouts.
The Atlas is an arcade stick, beautiful, refined but at the same time with an urban spirit and industrial style. Seeing is believing.

Main features:

- Attractive and ergonomic design
- Large support surface for extended gaming sessions
- Size: 37x26 cm (14.5x10.2 inches)
- Robust structure with monobloc frame and plexiglass panels for a total of 8 mm
- Competition performance thanks to Brook P5Plus fighting boards and KRMs
- Minimalist and industrial style
- Stainless steel or galvanized screws
- Custom wiring with components designed and made by us.
- Satisfied customers beyond expectations
- Excellent quality/price ratio in relation to the materials and components used.


- KRM (30 and 24 mm) for stickless layouts (clicky or linear)
- KRM + SANWA JLX for arcade sticks
- LS/RS/DP switches
- Tournament Mode Switch
- Brook P5 Plus fighting board compatible with PS5, PS4/3, PC, Switch and others. Latency less than 0.5ms.

How to buy:

- Select the color of the frame you want, black or custom color (you can find more examples of custom color frames in the section dedicated to "case only"). If you want a custom color, once you have made the purchase, write us a message.
- Select the desired layout (you can find the available layouts in the image gallery). For custom layouts, write us an email before or after making the purchase.

Additional Information:
- Dimensions: 37x26x5 cm
- Weight: approximately 2.3 kg
- Internal space: 34/38 mm ( up to 48 mm with extra layers)

Processing times:
- 1-2 months plus shipping time (once you receive the controller you'll say it was worth the wait a little longer)

Buy now and join the gamers who already appreciate the unique gaming experience offered by the Atlas.

For any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • The case is super light and comfortable. Easily the best stick I've ever owned!

  • Thanks to you, I can say that I finally found my ultimate arcade stick!


  • I'll once again thank ENTH for such a beautiful case. Having a completely clear case like this was always I've always wanted to make and this is just beautiful. After trying it out too, the feel of this case is like no other. I really recommend it.


  • Finally got my hands on some Enth Creations buttons. The sense of tactility, sound profile, artisanship, and aesthetics goes unmatched and is incomparable to other buttons in my opinion.


  • I think ENTH makes the best leverless case for its weight, ease of entry, and supporting full-sized pushbuttons.


  • I'm so happy with these KRMs from ENTH. The quality is unreal!
    The texture of these buttons really compliment the wood grain, and they sound amazing!