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Enth is above all research and development. We love designing, developing models, refining, improving what we have already produced, to provide our customers with the most up-to-date controllers.
We don't make controllers to make money (even though we are a company), we make controllers because we enjoy doing it.



During the last two years we have designed, developed models, worked the material non-stop, day after day. 

We started from simple controllers made of laminated wood to arrive at solid wood bodies, carved from a single block with 3D printed button housing and then to our latest series of controllers, the #000000.

Throughout the development process we kept only one fundamental question in mind:

"Would I use this controller?"

Starting from this question we have designed and improved our models to be able to honestly answer yes. If we wouldn't buy our own controller, why in the world would anyone else?

It's just a question of honesty.



We draw, we are also good at it, but we have taken the path of visual simplicity. 

Getting good results with minimal products is much more difficult than it seems. 

We have a strong graphic and logo design background. We try to produce controllers as you would a logo, respecting the principles of solidity, legibility, recognizability (and ergonomics).

Let's think simply, we try to obtain the greatest comfort in relation to functionality.