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Premise: pages on policies are always unpleasant and have a severe tone. They are the ones who are like this, not us. (ENTH)


Shipping costs are calculated during checkout, based on the country of destination and the weight of the item. Not all areas/countries have been filled in. If you have problems during checkout, write to us.


We try to ship to every part of the world, so far we have shipped to almost all continents successfully and not even a single shipment has been lost.
If the region where you live is remote or difficult to reach, write us an email at so we can carry out a preventive check on the feasibility.

Depending on the controller, shipping can take 5 to 15 days from purchase for controllers with a 3D printed body, to 30-40 days for controllers with a wooden body. Depending on the period or availability we can have controllers ready for shipment. In this case, immediate availability appears on the product page.

For our shipments we use express couriers, such as UPS, DHL, GLS.
The shipping number and tracking number will be communicated at the time of shipment.

It may very rarely happen that you have to pay customs duties during the process of importing the controller into the destination country. This has only happened to us once, but in this case the costs are borne by the buyer.
Speaking of statistics: we ship from Italy, so there are no customs duties towards Europe thanks to the EU. The United States is Italian-friendly, 60% of our controllers are destined for the American market and we never incur duties. The same generally applies to other nations.

It has never happened so far, but if it were to happen that a shipment gets lost we will try to solve the problem together and track it down.



So far it has never happened that a customer asked us to send back the controller they received, since we really put a lot of care into what we do. Our customers are solidly satisfied with the product received beyond expectations. If something goes wrong, we are human, we are always available to find an amicable solution and offer support via email to resolve the inconvenience.

Despite this, if you would like to return the product or exchange it, this is possible within 14 days of purchase.
Since shipping costs have a major impact on our work, the shipping costs necessary to send the item back to us will be borne by the customer. This is because, even if not visible in the final price of the item, the return journey of a fightstick would cost us €90 in shipping costs, costs that a small, artisanal company like ours cannot support. So in case of return we ask you to split the shipping costs with us. We will pay for the outward journey, you will pay for the return journey.

In order to be returned, the controllers must not have been altered, tampered with, opened or scratched in any way. The components cannot be counterfeited or replaced, the internal wiring of the fightstick must be intact.
Valid reasons must be provided to support the return request.

If you would like to start a return process, write to us at
Items cannot be returned without notice. 
Acceptance or otherwise of the return, to the extent of common sense, after analyzing the reasons and photos of the product if requested, is in any case at the sole discretion of

If you receive a damaged item (casing and contents), write to us and we will find a solution together.

We will happily issue a refund after receiving the goods back, under the above conditions, if what was previously approved via email during the start of the return procedure corresponds to what was declared.

For organizational reasons, the order must be canceled no later than the fifth day from the payment date. In any case, order cancellation will not be possible starting from the date of shipment and purchase of the waybill from our couriers or from the moment in which the processing of the controller has already begun.


We are a small site, we store our customers' data for the sole purpose of providing long-term support for purchases. No personal data of our customers is sold or shared with third parties.

The site provides managers with basic statistical information on the number of visits and nationality of visitors in order to improve the purchasing experience.