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We are pleased to offer you our first hollow battop.

Lightened, with a total weight of 15g, it allows fast movements and an easier return to the neutral position.

Molded in nylon, with a diameter of 35mm, it mounts on levers with M6 thread.

The shape of the battop allows it to be used as if it were a balltop without being invasive and hindering movement. It is very pleasant to hold and use,

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  • The case is super light and comfortable. Easily the best stick I've ever owned!

  • Thanks to you, I can say that I finally found my ultimate arcade stick!


  • I'll once again thank ENTH for such a beautiful case. Having a completely clear case like this was always I've always wanted to make and this is just beautiful. After trying it out too, the feel of this case is like no other. I really recommend it.


  • Finally got my hands on some Enth Creations buttons. The sense of tactility, sound profile, artisanship, and aesthetics goes unmatched and is incomparable to other buttons in my opinion.


  • I think ENTH makes the best leverless case for its weight, ease of entry, and supporting full-sized pushbuttons.


  • I'm so happy with these KRMs from ENTH. The quality is unreal!
    The texture of these buttons really compliment the wood grain, and they sound amazing!